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A fantasy town called Mist Haven, A city filed with mystery and wonder. Come play in a play where time stands still and the adventure never ends!
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 Avatar and Signature rules

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PostSubject: Avatar and Signature rules   Thu Sep 24, 2015 9:16 pm


1) Avatar must not be bigger then 300x300, but they can be smaller.

2)Female avatars need to be careful of what he or she is wearing. Fishnet shirt/see through outfits are okay IF there is some clothing under it. Bikini tops are and bottoms are okay but not favored.

3)Male avatars can be shirtless.

4) Computer-generated imagery, anime/drawn/cartoon, celebrities/real people, animals are all okay for your avatar BUT must be a picture of your character!

5)Your avatar can be waist up or shoulder up. That is totally up to you

6)Your avatar can have his or her face hidden but there must be one picture with his or her face showing fully.

7) Violent, sexual, racist, sexist, anti-religious/religious is not allowed in Avatars


1) Signatures must not be larger then 500x200 but can be smaller

2) Violent, sexual, racist, sexist, anti-religious/religious are not allowed in your signatures

3) Words are okay just no swearing

4) You do no have to have a signature.

Secret word: Feast.
Now that you have the secret word, please PM it to one of our Admin staff members to ensure them that you truly did read all the rules
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Avatar and Signature rules
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