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 Chat Box Rules

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PostSubject: Chat Box Rules   Thu Sep 24, 2015 9:08 pm

These are the Chat room rules, please read and be familiar with them. They go into effect immediately!

Respect the chat-box mods and chat-box admins
Do not be disrespectful to the members.

Flooding annoys other users and is not permitted. Entering more than five lines of text within five seconds will result in a kick from the chat room.

Everyone is allowed one (1) name for the chat box. It should be the name if the character you use the most (staff it needs to be your staff character) if you want to change your name in the chat box you need to come to a staff member and explain why. We reserve the right to say no.

No posing as someone else, if you do and we find out we will ban you from the CB for a day no exceptions.

If you are caught not only you will be banned but the other will be as well. A pm will be sent to you both stating why, and what for it happened. Posing as someone else is wrong and will possibly create members to be annoyed.

Remember that your views and opinions are different from others, be respectful of others views and opinions.

Please refrain from cursing in the chat-box. The site is PG-13 and this includes the chatbox.

Bans: (After your two warnings)

One infraction will constitute a 3 hour ban.

The second infraction within a 30 day period of the first will constitute a 2 day ban.

The third infraction within a 30 day period of the first infraction will constitute a permanent ban from the chat system.

If after 30 days of the first infraction, a probation period will be in effect for an additional 30 days where another infraction will constitute an instant 30 day ban, and a second within the 30 day probation period would mean a perma ban.

To conclude. Strike one, 3 hours. Strike two, 2 days, Strike three, you're out. You have 30 days from strike one to straighten up, and a second strike in that time means probation after the first 30 days, for a total of 60 days that you walk a thin line. It's best not to walk that line in the first place...

If you are kicked or banned and don't understand why, first contact the person responsible for your kicking or banning. If they fail to explain, or you believe they are abusing their powers, please contact an admin
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Chat Box Rules
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