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 Pack Members and Rank Terms

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PostSubject: Pack Members and Rank Terms   Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:22 am

Ulfa/Lupa: Emi Taylor

Lupo/Ulfric: Open

Freki:  Open

Geri: Open(Female)

Sköll: Open

Hati: Open

Bolverk: Open(male or female)

Eros: Open

Eranthe: Holly Lambert

Hunter: Open (Male or female)

Gatherer: Open (Male or female)

Scout: Open, Open (Male or female)

Fighter: Open, Open (Male or female)

Other Members


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PostSubject: Re: Pack Members and Rank Terms   Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:28 am

Here are the pack meanings

*If you see a rank that your character will fit PM either Lulu or Jace and he or I will start a thread for you about that. We want all the characters to be where they should. The decision is made through IC play and OOC discussing.

Ulfric:Male leader of the Pack

Lupa: Female leader of the pack

Freki:Answers only to the Ulfric and Lupa, Second in command.

Geri: Answers only to the Ulfric, Lupa, and sometimes Freki, Third in command.

Enforcer/Body Guard to Pack/Ulfric(if in desperate need by wound or other means)

Hati: Enforcer/Body Guard to Lupa

[Bolverk: -Big Bad Wolf-, Commits human and wolf crimes for pack. Such as stealing or murder.

Eranthe: Female(s) that help the pups learn how to adapt to the life of a lukoi.

Eros: Male(s) that also help pups grow.

Members: Wolves without rank, sometimes noted at submissive wolves, but not always. Some wolves do not wish to push for rank. They live to serve their pack and accept guidance to one day become a Beta. Others will want a rank and will ask for a challenge. Most wolves will start out here unless a special gift shines and is seen right after joining.

Pups: Pups are new/young wolves with little experience or none at all, they of course will eventually move up to a better rank with time.
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Pack Members and Rank Terms
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